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BF Auto Parts Testimonials

  • Front Left Drive Shaft
    Front Left Drive Shaft
    Arne Lif
    Norway, 01/08/17

    Drive shaft is installed and working fine. Thank you for very good service!

  • Exterior Part Exterior Part
    Exterior Part
    Michael Teobasi
    Solomon Islands, 10/31/16

    Yes i would be happy to participate, well here is the picture of myself and my suzuki jimny, thanks for your time and looking forward to ordering soon.

  • Rose
    Rose beforward
    Rosemary Rwatirera 30 days ago

    Thanks to Beforward for the good service.

  • Throttle Bodie SUBARU Exiga DBA-YA4
    [Used]Throttle Bodie SUBARU Exiga DBA-YA4
    Sandro Fechio 3 months ago

    Item arrived quickly, excellent purchase, congratulations to BE FORWARD

  • gilbonce
    Engine Mounting for, Nissan Serena, Model Code:DBA-C25, Model grade 20RS, Year 2006.
    Gilbonce Mwakapinga 6 months ago

    Dear Beforward Auto Parts, Japan
    Thank you so much for your good services. I am writing to thank for your good services and I confirm receipt of my ordered engine mounting for Nissan Serena, Model Code:DBA-C25, Model grade 20RS, Year 2006.
    I really appreciate your good and reliable services that you are providing to us. I have received full package as per my order. By this good service, I will continue advertising you and inform more people about your services. I have received my auto parts in Mbeya region and was shipped by DHL from Japan within reasonable time and cost. With Beforward, I am confident that I will not miss any spare parts for any car. I searched in the Beforward Auto parts website and observed that there are many spare parts with reasonable price. By that service, I will be ready to buy any car because I know spare parts are available. I have bought five cars at Beforward and all are in good condition. I will continue working with you forever. Please keep it up!
    Gilbonce Betson Mwakapinga, Mbeya, Tanzania.

    TWO TAIL LAMPS - Nissan blue bird sylphy - IAN NZIMA - Malawi
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) 7 months ago

    I just wanted to say thanks for the two tail lamps.I received them in good order and fixed them, my car is moving now you can see the attached photo

  • Lower control arm
    Lower control arm bushing for back.
    Melvin Bernard about 1 years ago
  • Honda MDX
    Elie avec la Honda MDX
    Jonas Mumba Kalunga about 1 years ago

    Ce monsieur est mon fils qui a cassé la lunette de la portière arrière en faisant des manœuvres en marche arrière, il est rentré dans la clôture, nous avons constaté seulement les dégâts.

  • DVD monitor
    DVD monitor - TOYOTA Verossa - Tanzania - Davis Elias Francis
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) over 1 years ago

    I received DVD monitor in good condition. Thanks i get it.

  • Engine without transmission
    Engine without transmission
    Lloyd Carver
    USA, 01/03/17

    I received the engine from the customs warehouse on Dec. 30th. Please tell the persons who packaged the engine for shipping "Thank you very much!" for me. They took great care to make sure it was properly cushioned and cradled in the cardboard box and then made sure to secure it inside the wooden box. I was very impressed with the amount of care they used to make sure it would arrive in the same condition it was in when shown on your website. All the hose ports and vent holes were taped to keep out contamination and plenty of dehydration packs were included to make sure that the moisture was blocked. The connectors were left on the engine and the wires were clipped. This will help me identify the proper harness connectors so that I can place them on their engine connectors. I am very pleased with my purchase from BE FORWARD and with all the care and concern used to package it for shipment. I know that took a lot of time to do and I appreciate it very much. NOW, I have to get the truck ready for the engine installation. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!

  • Right Control arm
    Right Control arm
    George Banda
    Malawi/Dar es Salaam, 10/20/16

    Hie I have received the parts Thanks

  • New bumper and head light
    New bumper and head light
    Peioneti Lui about 1 months ago

    My own car after fixing and install my new bumper and new head light. I was order from BE FORWARD I'm so appreciated for the co-workers of be forward for being helping me.

    Peioneti Lui
    Best ever I never seen
  • Pajero mini timing belt
    Pajero mini timing belt
    Gerald Bizai 4 months ago

    Greetings at Be Forward from Zimbabwe. here is my brand new timing belt for my pajero mini BF342490. Thank you so much your service is excellent and your staff is EXCELLENT!!!!! especially Eranda. I will definitely be buying more parts for my BF342490 Pajero mini.

    Keep it up.

  • NISSAN Serena
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) 6 months ago

    I have the pleasure to inform you that I received the Nissan Serena spares and they were fitted and the vehicle is in perfect condition. I promise to do more business with your company. Greetings to your team that is dedicated to fulfilling the overseas orders

  • Aphex
    Aphex Richard Mthandi - Malawi
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) 8 months ago

    I thank you very much for the spare you have sold to me my vehicle will be on the road now.

  • Toyota Estema
    Bought my Toyota Estema in July 2015.
    Melvin Bernard about 1 years ago

    Bought my 2007 Toyota Estema in July 2015,

    Dieudonné Mbambi Mavungu about 1 years ago


    SPEED METER - TOYOTA HIACE VAN - Chisambi Christopher - Zambia-Mansa town
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) over 1 years ago

    I wish to thank BEFORWARD auto Parts for the speedometer I bought from them. It took only seven days and I received my item safely.Thank you to BEFORWARD CO. LTD

    Chisambi Christopher
    BEFORWARD CO. LTD is the company we trust.Thanks BEFORWARD MEMBERS OF STAFF
    Chisambi Christopher
  • Valter
    Valter Titos Cossa - Mozambique
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) over 1 years ago

    Vehicle : BMW 7 Series / Parts : Coolant transfer feed pipe , Coolant pipe gasket set (O ring) My vehicle is in good working condition now.

  • Right Headlight
    Right Headlight
    Marie Ann A. Maglasang
    Philippines, 11/28/16

    The best online store for autoparts. Fast, reliable and with good pricing. Thank you BE FORWARD for your great customer service.

  • Right Side Window Sheild
    Right Side Window Sheild
    Mark Valentine
    Zimbabwe/Masvingo, 10/12/16

    Many thanks for all your assistance finally got my screen. Local agent had given me the wrong one

  • power window control
    Toyota Sienta master power window control
    Nick Wu about 2 months ago

    Part arrived earlier than expected and works perfectly. Thank you BE FORWARD!!

    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) 4 months ago

    I am teacher at Sonja Girls Secondary school in Petauke Zambia. I would like express my happiness in doing business with BE FORWARD. I paid for an engine and transmission for my Nissan Serena which was at BF Tanzania, unfortunately the day I made payment that was the day it was sold out to someone else and I almost lost hope but when I communicated to BF Japan I was advised to look for another engine and found one which was on the way to Zambia which was even cheaper and I immediately pressed an order for it. BF Japan kept on updating me until the engine arrived at BF Zambia. I happily collected it on 5th April and now it has been fixed on my car. I am very happy that my car is now perfectly back on the road. The picture below is showing the engine loaded on a car at BF Zambia when I just collected it. I would like to encourage those who want to buy a car or spares to go for BE FORWARD because they are honest, caring and gives the best advice to their clients. As For me whenever I want to by a car or spares for my cars I will always use BE FORWARD

  • NISSAN Cedric
    Basilio Matanga - Zimbabwe - Head Lamp - NISSAN Cedric
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) about 1 years ago

    I am so grateful about the Parts that you supplied to me Find attached My pictures when i got the parcel
    Looking forward for more business with you

  • turbo charger for suzuki kei
    turbo charger for suzuki kei.
    Juan Gershom 10 months ago

    Thanks beforward, I have just received my turbo charger I ordered for suzuki arrived safely all the way to solwezi northwestern Zambia.

  • La honda MDX
    La honda MDX
    Jonas Mumba Kalunga about 1 years ago

    La jeep de la famille Mumba

  • Sudan
    Thanks to Be forward jp
    Sudan Maloany about 1 years ago

    Hello iam so happy today , for receiving my spare part from beforward jp , the are the best trully ..thanks .

  • Emmanuel
    Beforward Customer
    Emmanuel Mwaanga over 1 years ago

    Am just confirming the part purchased for reached me successfully

    NELSON KABASO over 1 years ago

    I bought this Nissan Lafesta radiator at an affordable price and its in good conditon and working very well on my vehicle

  • Wearing beforward t shirt with a shocks parts
    Wearing beforward t shirt with a shocks parts
    Robert Hellesoe over 1 years ago

    thank you beforward for these parts all in good condition

  • Rear Wheel bearing
    Rear Wheel bearing
    Airam Metai
    Kiribati/Tarawa, 11/20/16

    I must thank you for your efficient work on the autoparts I am happy to working with you knowing that we will get the correct parts from your Team

  • A/C Control Panel
    A/C Control Panel
    Veselin Marin
    Bulgaria/Budapest, 09/21/16

    Hi, I have successfully received the A/C Control Panel for Subaru Exiga It arrived really quick to Sofia, I had to pay VAT to clear the package from the Customs I am one very happy customer - I see that you have sent the plastic fascia as well as the display and buttons I want to thank you very much for your customer service and your business If I want something else I will buy again from you, no doubt, Thank you once again

  • Fog Lights for Toyota Crown
    Fog Lights for Toyota Crown Comfort
    Samuel Sunanto about 2 months ago

    Accurate product's description. Fair price. Good service reply the emails. Fast delivery. Good packing. Be forward is moving forward 👍👌

    ENGINE MOUNTS - NISSAN Bluebird Sylphy : BAHAMA - Michael Rasmussen
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) 5 months ago

    We get the transmission installed and the car is now running after 5 mounts, any how thanks a lot for your assistance.

  • Little driver
    Little driver Gerald Uisso - Tanzania - Break Disk & Drive Shaft Left & Right
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) 7 months ago

    I selected Be Forward to buy the parts so that I will get genuine parts, and direct form Japan at affordable prices. Other parts from other suppliers will either be too expensive or rather not genuine.

  • Outer CV Joints
    Thanks for sending my goods : Outer CV Joints : MARETHABILE LEUTA - Lesotho
    BE FORWARD TESTIMONIALS (Customer Voice) about 1 years ago

    I have received the goods which i have ordered from you. they arrived on Friday in good condition and i'm overwhelmed by your good service. I would like to give my special thanks. BE FORWARD AUTO PARTS JUST KEEP IT UP.

  • Kenji
    Kenji Bryden
    Kenji Bee about 1 years ago

    I'm one of the Be forward Clients. I bought a BMW Engine 320i , 3 series. I paid through my Bank account and upon conformation of payment the Engine was couriered to me in Lusaka within 3 weeks.The was no part of the Engine that was missing and I received this Engine just as I saw it on picture. Be forward thank you for doing Business with you, I also give thanks to the Be forward Lusaka staff for being professional in the way they handled my case.For all your Auto parts contact Be forward , they will do it for you.

  • minha
    samuel bulaunde over 1 years ago

    Recebidas minhas encomenda de peas para minha carina Toyota celica. Tou muint grato BE FORWARD

    samuel bulaunde
    Gostei da VOSSA maneira de trabalho e cenceridade