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Genuine No
Name Category Make Model Model Code Current Price Local Place
[Used] PA01544127
Front Bumper Face SUBARU Impreza 57703FL020 Front Bumpers SUBARU Impreza Current Price : $360
[Used] PA01626601
Radiator Grille SUBARU Impreza Radiator Grilles SUBARU Impreza Current Price : $110
[Used] PA01553281
Engine SUBARU Vx Engines SUBARU Vx Current Price : $2,440
[Used] PA01555359
Air Cleaner Assembly SUBARU Vx Air Cleaner Assemblies SUBARU Vx Current Price : $60
[Used] PA01644573
Engine SUBARU Vx DAA-GPE Engines SUBARU Vx DAA-GPE Current Price : $1,300
[Used] PA01553261
Automatic Transmission SUBARU Impreza Transmissions Automatic SUBARU Impreza Current Price : $1,840
[Used] PA01610359
Automatic Transmission SUBARU Sambar EBD-S331B Transmissions Automatic SUBARU Sambar EBD-S331B Current Price : $510
[Used] PA01555389
Power Steering Rack and Pinion Assembly SUBARU Vx Steering Rack and Pinion Assemblies Power SUBARU Vx Current Price : $380
[Used] PA01555365
A/C Compressor SUBARU Vx A/C Compressors SUBARU Vx Current Price : $260
[Used] PA01646566
Oil Cooler SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Oil Coolers SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Current Price : $60
[Used] PA01614838
Dimmer Switch SUBARU Impreza DBA-GP3 Dimmer Switches SUBARU Impreza DBA-GP3 Current Price : $30
[Used] PA00930460
Exhaust Center Muffler SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Mufflers Exhaust Center SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Current Price : $240
[Used] PA01472613
Left Fender Panel SUBARU Impreza Fender Panels Left SUBARU Impreza Current Price : $200
[Used] PA01614843
SUBARU Impreza DBA-GP3 Fender Panels Right SUBARU Impreza DBA-GP3 Current Price : $40
[Used] PA01434891
Trunk Panel SUBARU Impreza Trunk Panels SUBARU Impreza Current Price : $230
[Used] PA01646558
Front Right Door Assembly SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Door Parts Front Left SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Current Price : $210
[Used] PA01646596
Rear Left Knuckle Hub Assembly SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Knuckle Hub Assemblies Rear Left SUBARU Levorg DBA-VMG Current Price : $120