★Fan belt ★  for CR-Z ZF1/ZF2

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★Fan belt ★  for CR-Z ZF1/ZF2

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Product Name ★Fan belt ★  for CR-Z ZF1/ZF2
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★Fan belt ★  for CR-Z ZF1/ZF2
                           NET parts building  : 1,100 yen    
Item Number/ 
 Set contents
 : SBH137Fan (ACG) beltPS beltAir-conditioner belt
Name sign (standard)─────────
Adoption Item NumberH1923-RBJ-003──────
※PS: Power Steering A/C: Air-conditioner W/P: W pump SC: S charger ※-- is other belts common use or use nothing
◇Conformity car model■Car model : Honda CR-Z
□Model : ZF1/ZF2
□Age type : 
□E/G model, specifications : LEA 

It is more certain when I have you inquire for the matching beforehand! Conformity, an estimate feels free to contact us, and please attach it.
Makers ★Fan belt set ★List  
◇Notes Contents: For a lot of fan belt V belts one (the combination varies according to vehicles.)
※A photograph is an image image. A shape, the number is more different than a car model.
◎By question bulletin board/email, please refer if you have any questions about conformity or stock.
Please let me know number of cars  /model-designated  /classification division   of the registration document on this occasion.
☆In the conformity Item Number of the car model you like, a search, an estimate, delivery is possible ☆
I handle it and have it of a lot of parts for a domestic car, the imported car. Please feel free to contact us.
■Simple convenience! Guidance of the search in the store■
○The collective search of the product is possible in the vehicle form mentioned above ☆ Please consider including other products!
-------  - - - - - - -
※It becomes the word search using a keyword (vehicle form). There is the product which is not searched in some cases including a model number product.
→When a thing you are looking for is not found, you have you change the word and search it again, or please feel free to contact us to suttaffu.
The applicable product
I guide you of this
 (separate sale)
●famberutoototenshona ASSY
※The name may vary in some names with a catalogue and a maker. Please confirm other components by an inquiry.
◎Even as for the simultaneous plural   such as timing belts for a   1 yen unit ☆Advantageous! At by all means this opportunity★
It can be accepted by an email even if I have you ask a question. You feel free to contact us, and please attach it!
The product details

A lot of fan (V) belts   for the HAMP   Honda car
High-quality maker of the Honda second brand trust
It is a lot of HAMP   fan belts  .
The air-conditioner Power Steering fan belt
             The number varies according to car models.
Superior gumwood is used by the durability, flexibility. I support the normal operation of the supplementary plane of ACG.

●In the materials of the supplementary plane belt,
  Superior gumwood is used by wear resistance
    The fall phenomenon to a pulley by the abrasion
                    I restrain it

●I am superior in the tension maintenance characteristics, flexibility, the durability,
           I control a slip phenomenon.

◎Before causing engine trouble!
Belts are worn out, and they deteriorate.
In an appropriate timing, I recommend check, exchange.

※Check, exchange, the tension condition,
 Please obey "the maintenance manual" of the car by all means.

A lot of belts
★☆Other setting car models prepare, too!☆★
Please see it if you like!

※Conformity Item Number may be complicated by a car model.
 Please refer for the conformity details by an email.

◎Exchange is recommended at the same time! ↓↓
●It is ...   in supplement, the exchange of the coolant
☆At the time of timing belt exchange a water pump
One to change at the same time can prevent 2 degrees payment of the wage! !

☆On a question email, a bulletin board including the conformity confirmation
        Please approach more and more.
Payment/  is detailed

★Payment (you can choose it among the following)
・The Yahoo simple settlement 

・Bank transfer (Japan net bank)
  ※Please bear a transfer fee.

・Postal transfer (Japan Post Bank)
  ※Please bear a transfer fee.

・Product collect on delivery (in a product receipt cash payment)
  ※COD fee
   ・440 yen   ( ) less than 30,000 yen
   ・Round 660 yen 30,000 yen or more ( )

★  is detailed
○I deliver it from our designated transportation company.
※Of the mover cannot appoint it.
●  size: 60  
・The packing possibility  
  ※It is a designated possibility on/day at delivery time.
  ※Taking care of impossibility at the store
   ※After the product  , please receive it for less than seven days.
★☆SPEEDO delivery☆★
Until around 2:00 p.m.
 ・The Yahoo simple settlement
 ・ /postal savings settlement confirmation
 ・For designation of the product collect on delivery

◎In either terms and conditions,
    I deliver SPEEDO!

※In a notification row
I consist of the one that had you receive money sequentially.
I promise certain shipment, arrival
It is not a thing.
Such as the stock situation and the order
Depending on the congestion situation
You want and may not attach it.
The dispatch,
Please confirm it by an inquiry on a deadline.
About business
▼After the   of the product page
I click " ".

In   the agreement matter of mention
You have you read carefully, and please input the requirements.

▼The receipt of money, please within five business days from   (in the case of collect on delivery, it is excluded)

▼After the   procedure completion, refer by an email;   I will tell.
Please wait until the arrival of the product.

↓Please read in total

I handle it and have it of a lot of car article, motor parts!

◎If conformity and the stock of the product have any questions,
  Please feel free to contact us.

☆I show around the conformity Item Number of the car model you like☆

★I treat mainly our store auto parts/article.
 If it is parts/article, please refer for anything.

An NET parts building email:

●FAX 078-918-1819 for exclusive use of the inquiry
○ : Weekdays 9:00-18:00  ※A fixed closing day: Sundays and holidays

[NET parts building PR]
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●There are the Yahoo points, too, and Yahoo! Shopping is advantageous!
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  • Import duties, taxes and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • The picture shown above may differ from the actual product. For the actual specifications, please contact us.