Harrier CBA-ACU30W Right Side View Mirror right side mirror

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Harrier CBA-ACU30W Right Side View Mirror right side mirror

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Condition Used
Model -
Product Name Harrier CBA-ACU30W Right Side View Mirror right side mirror
Model Code -
Reg. Year/month -
Mileage -
Mission Type -
Engine Model -
Engine Size -
Fuel -
Drive -
Auto Parts Maker -
Genuine Parts No. -


※Firstly please read by all means※
The person bid a cell-phone for look at the text till the last by all means.

A bid, a person paid money to comes without looking at instructions, the   details.

When I bid without looking at it and am paid money, please be careful as you are not concerned in us.
(the product explanation has the instructions)

As you may not see news,   when you look at it from a cell-phone, please confirm it from a PC once by all means.

The payment, please wait until there is notification of the   from this in the case of the   to the remote island when plural products are made a bid for.

As I contact you by emails from this when a payment amount of money is short, I would like payment of the deficit.
※Please note that successful bidder bears the transfer fees in case of the payment of the deficit.

The one with the bad evaluation, the new one may decline a bid without prior declining.
As for the person anxious, I would like an inquiry beforehand.

This auction in the store as is exhibited, become the business in the  .
I would like input of the   after the  .
I will inform you an amount of money that calculated   and a consumption tax from this after having confirmed input contents of the  .
The notification after the   becomes the notification by the email basically.

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About the question in our holiday our business overtime of the next day and the next business day may answer it.

When I arrive when it is made a bid for by the end of a holiday, there is not notification receipt of money confirmation,   until next business day.
The people of the dispatch, please be careful.

I would like confirmation in one of mention   in store information on  , a holiday.
(about the consecutive holidays such as a tray, New Year holidays in a self-introduction column mention  )

※As shipment, delivery is crowded after before consecutive holidays, the consecutive holidays, it may take time until product delivery.
In addition, I would like inquiries beforehand as there are many areas where are impossible of receipt of goods long holidays ago when it is worry.

Because you exhibit even store, other systems, please note that it may become out of stock even if   is in a state.
※A case having same time for sale as   is rare.
I contact you from this on this occasion.
When it is worry, I would like an inquiry beforehand.

The hold of the product does not cope basically.
When I cannot confirm notification and the receipt of money before the time limit listing it in the period when I contacted you from this, it is the one which may support such as the deletion, and understanding approve it.

Parts   information
Parts    200303000913500Parts makerMaker Genuine Item Number
Part nameThe right side mirrorParts maker Item NumberMaker substitute Item Number
Parts divisionRecycling product ( )Parts minor   Item NumberT2003
Parts kolorParts information
NotesDoor, electric retractable, green, blinker luck, 2P, 5P
[term explanation of the parts information]
・A: It is electric and tilts it (the storage is hand-operated, and a mirror part is electric)
・F/AT: Electric Retractable (the storage and mirror part is electric, too)
・MA/R: Hand-operated Remote Control
・MAN: Manual operation

The body information
Car nameHarrierNumber of cars  ACU30-0126573Displacement volume2400
Vehicle type name5DJ wagonColorTrans No
Popular name modelACU30WAWPGKGKolorBlackAxle No02A
Authorized modelCBA-ACU30WKolor No202The mileage111705
Age typeApril, 2012Trim NoFC23Tire
Grade240G L pakkejiarukantaraserekushonEngine model2AZ-FEEngine No
Engine specificationsDOHC EFIShift4FT  

Wound information
[5, others, blinker lens crack 3*2cm]Wound
Wound information explanation

Product explanation
About the product, please make a decision from a stock shape column and an image.
The   such as a wound or the dirt which are small as well as deterioration and an image of the age-style suitability in being just  .

Only the one that you can understand mentioned above, please bid.

Even the same vehicle form may not use the same parts by grade.
As there may be the different parts even if the appearances are same, please be careful.

As it may seem that color taste is different in a photograph and the real thing, please confirm kolor   by all means.
In addition, a hue may vary according to aged deterioration or the use situation with the same color.
A color may not match even the same color, but thank you for your understanding as it is  .

Please confirm product information, vehicle information listing for the cause about the conformity of the product.
(I cannot accept it about an objection, the returned goods by the non-conformity)
Please note that you are not doing the   such as the conformity confirmation here basically.

※Please just think about the product which Genuine Item Number is listed in for product explanation with reference.
In addition, the product without a mention is this, but please note that you may not know Genuine Item Number.

One way of movement has been confirmed other than "non-test" and the listed product in shape columns (the remarks column) of function information, the parts   information with function part products here.
(I confirm it in the state that a vehicle gains basically, but there is a thing confirming after the disassembly partly)


As this product is  , I cannot accept an objection, the return of goods basically.
I cope about a mistake or the damage of the product which is identified as our mistake.
(basically by returned goods, the refund coped)
But please note that the security such as expendable supplies, a wage, oils and fats does not support.

As the   such as the returned goods becomes within seven days from the arrival of the product, I would like notification within the period.
Please note that you cannot cope when it is past a period.

Only the one that it hits and can understand, please bid.

I would like only the beginning which can receive money within one week from notification, the end of the auction by well top that you are watching, in principle our three business days.
As for the person who cannot do it, please refrain from a bid.
When business cannot be completed within the period mentioned above, I delete it as cancellation handling by successful bidder convenience.

 , the selling things loose negotiations do not support at all.
Please note that you do not reply it for those questions.
In addition, please note that you do not reply it about the question except the   product either.
Please note that you cannot answer it when it is not revealed by the things about diversion, conformity confirmation, the sound of the product in us either.

In the case of payment, I cope by  , postal savings transfer about the receipt.
By the simple settlement in the case of payment by the statement of delivery is coped.




  is detailed
It becomes the prepayment   by a principle, our contract supplier.
The transportation company becomes Sagawa Express basically, but please note that you may be changed by the destination.

In addition, of the transportation company please note that cannot appoint it.

As the   of each metropolis and districts is listed, I would like confirmation.
(the listed amount of money becomes tax-included)

※I would like an inquiry from a question column about the bundling parcel beforehand.
(I may not do it when I can do it)
In addition, please note that there are case to become higher than an amount of money that size grows big depending on a product and lists and (the cases that   of two assortment suffers from e.g.) that   does not change even if I do it to a bundling parcel.
I will inform you   by an email from this about the inquiry from a request column after the case and   without an inquiry from a question, but please be careful as the objections about the   of the verge do not cope at all.

※As the notification to demand   from may not support, you are not expected.

The pivot, please inquire for the   of Okinawa, the remote island.
(as for the product which size has a big in the     please note that you are sent out)


  • Import duties, taxes and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • The picture shown above may differ from the actual product. For the actual specifications, please contact us.