BMW 3 series GF-AM28 mirror switch 328I ((Right) Kahn) 83736899

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BMW 3 series GF-AM28 mirror switch 328I ((Right) Kahn) 83736899

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Condition Used
Make BMW
Model -
Product Name BMW 3 series GF-AM28 mirror switch 328I ((Right) Kahn) 83736899
Model Code -
Reg. Year/month -
Mileage -
Mission Type -
Engine Model -
Engine Size -
Fuel -
Drive -
Auto Parts Maker -
Genuine Parts No. -


*Please confirm *** product explanation by all means; ****

Parts    : 201219000169151
Maker Genuine Item Number: 83736899
A part name: Mirror switch
Parts division: Recycling product
A car name: BMW 3 series
A vehicle type name: Four-door sedan
A popular name model: WBAA
An authorized model: GF-AM28
An age type: December, 1999
Grade: 328I ((Right) Kahn)
Number of cars  : WBAAM52-000FK8****
Color Titanium silver metallic
Kolor No: 354
An Engine model: 286S
A shift: 5FAT
Displacement volume: 2800
The mileage: 67038
It is mirror switch, right Kahn, 83736899 Notes 1

Parts   information
Parts    201219000169151Parts makerMaker Genuine Item Number83736899
Part nameMirror switchParts maker Item NumberMaker substitute Item Number
Parts divisionRecycling productParts minor   Item Number
Parts kolorParts information
NotesMirror switch, Right Kahn, 83736899

The body information
Car nameBMW 3 seriesNumber of cars  WBAAM52-000FK8****Displacement volume2800
Vehicle type nameFour-door sedanColorTrans No
Popular name modelWBAAKolorTitanium silver metallicAxle No
Authorized modelGF-AM28Kolor No354The mileage67038
Age typeDecember, 1999Trim NoTire
Grade328I ((Right) Kahn)Engine model286SEngine No
Engine specificationsShift5FAT  

Function information

As the   procedure is not possible in a mass, please be careful

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Sugar service charge: Watanabe (Watanabe) tel 090-2365-0172

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・As the thing with more than 150cm of total of three sides of length does not have   house   by a thing,
 I would like the office stopper of company forwarding or "the first freight". Please confirm it before  
・In the case of a company, please classify the company name into a destination by all means

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・Even if there is not a mention as it is  , there is the thin line wound, slight wound. I decline the bid of the nervous person
・Please note that you expose it depending on a thing and may send it out
・When you do not know it, you fit, and please confirm whether you are correct. All number of cars   figures are necessary
・When I fit and do not confirm it, I do not accept the return of goods to be incompatible
※A product, the Keyless which an imported car, Item Number cannot give cannot do conformity confirmation
※It is answered only once since the warehouse produces it about the question of the goods confirmation. Please ask about contents in a mass if you want to confirm it

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・I would like the receipt of money within one week. When you become late, please contact me
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・As it may take time depending on a place,  , the receipt of money that I have room, please
・When you want to know a deadline, express, please ask a question before  .
・Okinawa, the   to the remote island go only to the petty person concerning express. When   enters with an accessory, I can send it out. [  100,000 yen] In the case of indication, I cannot send it out of this
・As for Saturday (every other week), Sundays and holidays, the New Year holidays, GW, the Bon Festival,   becomes closed

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An account: Normal 2874199
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 As a lot of nado fee cannot play the refund  , please be careful


・  may suffer when the answers such as questions become slow and before answering it because I cope alone, but you understand it, and please understand it
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・When there is a transport accident, I have a driver confirm it and am in charge of sugar service immediately: Please contact Watanabe tel 090-2365-0172.
 The transport accident   becomes a discount or the returned goods
※The email from us becomes only the   email after the  
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■Contact information■

Sugar service charge: Watanabe (Watanabe) tel 090-2365-0172

■"The   does not support in a mass". As the petty person has the thing which I can bundle, please consult


  • Import duties, taxes and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • The picture shown above may differ from the actual product. For the actual specifications, please contact us.
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