2UPJ-65956320]BMW 320d(3D20) Air Flow Sensor   [reference information (conformity  ) :F31 F34]

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2UPJ-65956320]BMW 320d(3D20) Air Flow Sensor   [reference information (conformity  ) :F31 F34]

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Condition Used
Make BMW
Model -
Product Name 2UPJ-65956320]BMW 320d(3D20) Air Flow Sensor   [reference information (conformity  ) :F31 F34]
Model Code -
Reg. Year/month -
Mileage -
Mission Type -
Engine Model -
Engine Size -
Fuel -
Drive -
Auto Parts Maker -
Genuine Parts No. -


This product exhibits it in the yuzudopatsujapan Shinozuka second shop

Our business day

※  is our holiday.

・ I search this.

・ I search this.
 (as an age type, a model, grade may be different, please confirm the vehicle details of the   list, the product details.)

The transfer amount of money becomes [  amount of money + consumption tax +  ].
(Okinawa, the remote island becomes the    )
・An address is corporation, business owner, a   state
・As for both cases of the Seino Transportation designation branch clip
It is 900 yen.

In Kyushu, Shikoku, Hokkaido,   becomes handled. When an address is  ; in the     cannot send it out.
The Okinawa, remote island (Awajishima becomes handled as an isolated island) becomes the    .
I can still less look into the   of the   in us. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

It is hard to deliver it partly, and there is an area even if I put it in  .
When an additional charge incurs separately, a customer is expected to pay it.
Please note that you need the days than usual about the deadline.

The product and vehicle details
※By the differences such as the performance of the camera, having flash or not, shooting time, the monitor of the errand, a hue may be different from the real thing.
Before the bid, please confirm kolor No. and trim No. by all means.

It is said that the publication image is to five pieces at our store,
I perform the expression (in either image, mention) of the defect part in that.
In addition, about the marking of exterior, I assume it up to three places.
The details, please identify following [about the definition of our mention].
Therefore please be careful as the defect except an image, mention is not that there is not it.

In addition, the image shooting becomes the shooting at the time of the warehousing, and a state may be different from time of shipment.
I may not cope with requests such as the publication image more present confirmation, shooting.

Item NameAir Flow SensorParts maker name
Item Number 10281006092Item Number 28506408
Product informationAn air cleaner: Missing part / operation confirmation: Test OK/ [there may be SABIT as well as a shooting image.]
NotesThis product becomes the  .
I keep enough inspection in mind, but there is a delinquent in the secret point, and there may be oversight. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※I list the part name which I interpreted in a wide sense in Item Name and a product title and may be different from the correct part name of each maker.
※A missing part and the thing with mention originally have the setting of function itself, but point to removing the function, and not being attached.
※Because I publish the image before the disassembly from a vehicle, it is not attached even if "and a mention with" appear in the image about the thing which there is not.
※A screw or the bolt fastener clip are not attached.

Model designation  17351Classification division  0002
Full modelIgnoranceModelLDA-3D20
Maker nameBMWCar nameBMW 320d
Grade320d M sportsNumber of cars  WBA3D36060NS43***
Engine modelN47D20CEngine divisionTurbo
Engine No.74318792Transmission division8FAT
Displacement volume1,995ccFuel divisionLight oil
Drive division2WDSteering wheel divisionRight
Power Steering divisionElectrically operatedAge typeSeptember, 2014
The mileage132,396kmKolor No.300
Trim No.IgnoranceTrans No.Ignorance
Axle No.IgnoranceTransmission No.
The X number.
Transmission model
Having ABS or notAvailableRide capacity5
Vehicle Notes
※It is the information of the vehicle which removed this product, and please note that it is not a thing establishing the information of this product.
※"Ignorance" An item is the item where does not understand the details by having vehicle, state, carved seal or not of parts of this.
 A principle cannot answer even if you inquire it.

About business

[please confirm it before   by all means]
※In the  , it is decided that I had you approve all the following contents.
You can confirm an image publishing in the Yahoo Auctions with the other screen
It is given an explanation about the state of the product, the test method, notation method
It becomes the instructions about explanation and the business of the flow after the  
It is given an explanation about the returned goods

■About after  

Without enough matters which successful bidder is corporation,  , and   and   need in the   of Yahoo Auctions different
We use original   not the   of Yahoo Auctions.
You cause you trouble than the   of Yahoo Auctions, but please cooperate.

After the   within 20 minutes after a notice of   from us
As the situation of the business and an email about a request of the   input are sent
I would like input from that place to  .

■The receipt of money

When you cannot receive money within five days, after the  , please note that it should be cancellation handling.
※But the purpose that the receipt of money is late for is excluded when I hear from you.

As receipt of money lapse of memory of the   occurs frequently, in the case of payment by the simple settlement, please be careful.
It is necessary to have you input the   which you displayed at the time of   input in you with a screen of the simple settlement.

When you cannot receive money within five days, I perform [deletion of the successful bidder].
In this way, please note that an evaluation is included in an evaluation on the successful bidder side automatically [very bad] from Yahoo!.

■With product   afterwards

It becomes the   on the next business day when I sent an email of confirming payment from us, the email of the collect on delivery reception desk.
As confirming payment is 3:00 p.m., about the subsequent receipt of money, the collect on delivery request
It becomes the confirmation on the next business day. In detail "please see.

The express becomes our designated express. I cannot accept the designation of the transportation company.
About the heavy goods such as Engine, Transmission, the Ho thing, the cargo work devices such as lifts are necessary. When there is not a cargo work device, charter charges are necessary separately.
(discharge may not be possible to the place of the designation about the place where a truck cannot come in.)

●After the arrival of the product

As once becomes the used  ,
Please perform work such as wearing, exchange, the processing after having confirmed temporary laying upons to an installation vehicle by all means.
※You have you consider product installation periods, and please make a bid for it having enough margin.

●About an accident transporting

After the arrival of the product, please confirm whether there is not damage under the driver call of the transportation company.
In addition, the product which arrived would like the confirmation that the product of the order does not have a mistake.
About the later damage, objection, please note that you cannot accept it for whatever reason.
When a transport accident happened, a principle, the product become the returned goods to us, and, as for the refund, it is an amount of money that you are expected to pay.
Please note that you cannot accept it about the above-mentioned amount of money   which you are expected to pay at all.

eafurometaeafuro BMW, 3 series
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  • Import duties, taxes and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • The picture shown above may differ from the actual product. For the actual specifications, please contact us.