Audi A3 GH-8PAXW Automatic Transmission Computer

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Audi A3 GH-8PAXW Automatic Transmission Computer

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Condition Used
Model -
Product Name Audi A3 GH-8PAXW Automatic Transmission Computer
Model Code -
Reg. Year/month -
Mileage -
Mission Type -
Engine Model -
Engine Size -
Fuel -
Drive -
Auto Parts Maker -
Genuine Parts No. -


●○Audi A3 GH-8PAXW Automatic Transmission Computer○●

Product explanation

It is  . At the time of disassembly, a problem in particular exhibits only the thing which there was not, but you understand that you say   well, and please bid it. Thank you in advance
December, 2003
Models 11939 0502
Right-hand drive
Kolor LY9D

As it is  , there is a wound, a dirt by the use aging. Thank you for your understanding.
As the state of the product varies according to viewpoints of the  , please judge it from an image,
There may be the nao oversight, too (error in writing), but would like a no objection, a no return.

As you do not know it in us when you are assigned to conformity, please confirm it in specialized dealers.    I reduce the price and do not negotiate.

※After understand on seeing a title explanation image for a cancellation no objection no return (cannot accept the refund return of goods); is careful; please bid.

Please refer for any questions before a bid by all means.

Besides, please see it as you exhibit it a lot if good.
Selling it over the count goes.
I perform bidding auction cancellation
Please note that you give priority to sale at the store.

(18-7-A) 30/7/31 1FT

[business guidance]

■I hold the auction that I knocked down, and I would like entry in  .

■In setting of the   mention of  , the consumption tax   or
-(hyphen) when when is listed by indication, there is a   error
As there is it, after the   input of the   amount of money, consumption tax,  
I will inform a communication bulletin board of Yahoo a total amount of money from this.
Before confirmation, please do not do transfer, the settlement.
After confirming a communication bulletin board from this by all means, I would like transfer, the settlement.

■The   which a notice of   does not reach is Yahoo! on the troubles such as the cases that cannot transmit Please contact me than an address registered with auction.
A customer is Yahoo! of the use on this occasion You match auction ID with ID, and please contact me.
As there is the possibility that an email from Yahoo and our company is automatically divided in two by "an unwanted e-mail folder" and "a deletion folder", an email reaches it, or please confirm it once. As the customer whom an email does not reach may be similar, please confirm it once again.

■As the business with the mobile device has many troubles such as an email not arriving, I make a deal on the communication bulletin board of Yahoo! and would like it.


■About the product without the setting of the price desired, I do not decide it promptly.

■The payment amount of money adds up product charges + consumption tax +  .
(as for the transfer fee in customers it burdens you.)

■The one where does not get communication within five days from the first communication to send from this
I'm sorry, but I delete the successful bidder.
In that case, please note that a bad evaluation is sent by Yahoo.

■For  , a small wound, dirt not to understand is thought about with the image.
Please refrain from the bid of the nervous person.
■I am proud during storage and become dirty, and there may be a small flaw.

■In the case of a different injury missing part product mistake, please connect with   contents within arrival one week of the product.   sasateitadakimasu.

■As transfer is the simple settlement and, in the case of payment, does not issue the receipt
Thank you for your understanding. (only in the case of direct taking care of, receipt issuance is possible.)

■Please see in one publishing such as off schedules by all means.

■As it is  , I would like a no objection no return by all means.

■If you ask a question and have any questions, please refer.

■The case that the negative evaluation deletes it by my judgment
Please note that there is it.

■The thing equal to the resolution maintenance (availability of traffic facilities, brakes relations, Engine relations)
Please attach it in the certification factory.

■As the exhibitor side cannot take responsibility about the accident after the installation
Thank you for your understanding.

  is detailed


Hokkaido 1,663 yen Aomori 1,231 yen 
Iwate 1,231 yen Miyagi 1,123 yen 
Akita 1,231 yen Yamagata 1,123 yen 
Fukushima 1,123 yen    

Ibaraki 1,015 yen Tochigi 1,015 yen 
Gunma 1,015 yen Saitama 1,015 yen 
Chiba 1,015 yen Tokyo 1,015 yen 
Kanagawa 1,015 yen Yamanashi 1,015 yen 
Shinetsu, Hokuriku 
Niigata 1,015 yen Toyama 907 yen 
Ishikawa 907 yen Fukui 907 yen 
Nagano 1,015 yen     
Gifu 907 yen Shizuoka 907 yen 
Aichi 907 yen Mie 907 yen 
Shiga 907 yen Kyoto 907 yen 
Osaka 907 yen Hyogo 907 yen 
Nara 907 yen Wakayama 907 yen 
Tottori 907 yen Shimane 907 yen 
Okayama 907 yen Hiroshima 907 yen 
Yamaguchi 907 yen     
Tokushima 907 yen Kagawa 907 yen 
Ehime 907 yen Kochi 907 yen 
Kyushu, Okinawa 
Fukuoka 1,015 yen Saga 1,015 yen 
Nagasaki 1,015 yen Kumamoto 1,015 yen 
Oita 1,015 yen Miyazaki 1,015 yen 
Kagoshima 1,015 yen Okinawa  

■The   ships it in prepayment, the   of the basic YAMATO service.

■In the case of  , the   is different from the thing of mention in  . Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

■Direct taking care of is OK.
As the fixed form outside causes the trouble, I am not doing the handling. 

■I do not handle the collect on delivery  .

■[Okinawa, remote island] [more than the Hokkaido 160 size and heavy goods] Of this the   of the case
It is shipped only  . (he/she treats you like YAMATO service or Seino Transportation.)

■Three sides one side of thing more than 200 the thing more than 160 of the   of Seino Transportation handle it.

■I leave it directly and welcome you. In Kadoma-shi, Osaka Shinomiya 
7:00 p.m., please from 10:00 a.m. except Monday.
Please contact me before a visit.
Payment method

■Other Japan net bank Japan Post Bank
"I can make this handout in de  .


  • Import duties, taxes and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • The picture shown above may differ from the actual product. For the actual specifications, please contact us.