BMW 3 series LDA-3D20 brakes master back 300 29679842303 F30 320d yatsu

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BMW 3 series LDA-3D20 brakes master back 300 29679842303 F30 320d yatsu


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Condition Used
Make BMW
Model -
Product Name BMW 3 series LDA-3D20 brakes master back 300 29679842303 F30 320d yatsu
Model Code -
Reg. Year/month -
Mileage -
Mission Type -
Engine Model -
Engine Size -
Fuel -
Drive -
Auto Parts Maker -
Genuine Parts No. -


*Please confirm *** product explanation by all means; ****

Parts    : 221102001047160
Maker Genuine Item Number: 34336851096
A part name: Brakes master ASSY
Parts maker Item Number: 29679842303
Maker substitute Item Number: 34336851099
Parts division: Recycling product
  Item Number: F30 320d
A car name: BMW 3 series
A vehicle type name: Four-door sedan
A popular name model: WBA3D
An authorized model: LDA-3D20
An age type: October, 2013
Grade: F30 320D Right H
Engine specifications: DOHC turbo DDE
Number of cars  : WBA3D36090NS3****
Color Al pin WHITE III metallic
Kolor No: 300
Trim No: 0
An Engine model: N47D20C
A shift: 8FT
Displacement volume: 2000
Trans No: 0743297
The mileage: 63829
A tire: 17
Engine No: 74808580
It is with cylinder Notes 1

Parts   information
Parts    221102001047160Parts makerMaker Genuine Item Number34336851096
Part nameBrakes master ASSYParts maker Item Number29679842303Maker substitute Item Number34336851099
Parts divisionRecycling productParts minor   Item NumberF30 320d
Parts kolorParts information
NotesWith cylinder

The body information
Car nameBMW 3 seriesNumber of cars  WBA3D36090NS3****Displacement volume2000
Vehicle type nameFour-door sedanColorTrans No0743297
Popular name modelWBA3DKolorAl pin WHITE III metallicAxle No
Authorized modelLDA-3D20Kolor No300The mileage63829
Age typeOctober, 2013Trim No0Tire17
GradeF30 320D Right HEngine modelN47D20CEngine No74808580
Engine specificationsDOHC turbo DDEShift8FT  

Function information

●As there is important news about the delivery of the product before an order, I would appreciate your attention and consideration after confirmation in the following URL by all means.

●Inquiry about the product

As perform it by collation of the Genuine Item Number about the conformity confirmation of Genuine parts, attach it; of the planned car

Model-designated   classification division   number of cars  

Please refer than a question and an inquiry column clearly stating three points of this.

※The conformity confirmation in us may not be possible about some products.
※I look into it, but may be different from the goods Item Number in parts catalogue about the parts title of the imported car and the Genuine Item Number as there is the compatible Item Number.

I did not hear the conformity confirmation after  , the order.

Please refer for confirmation of the conformity and any questions before a bid by all means.
As you cannot accept the cancellation by the disagreement of the conformity, after the product  , please be careful.

In the case of the exterior panels such as a bumper, the door, please examine repair, the re-painting on a premise in a minute wound or the thin dent that is hard to be outstanding having possibilities to be founded as well as notation, an image basically.

About the inquiry over the telephone, I did not hear it.
Please refer than a question column.

※I cannot accept it about the returned goods without confirmation of the conformity beforehand.

●Business after the  

(1) After having you advance than LIN-KU(輪怐) to the   which there is to the product   screen, and inputting the requirements such as shipping address, the payment method, I would like data transmission.
In the case of supplier, shipping address, please input a company name, a name into the [building, apartment name, issue room] input column of the form input screen.

(2) As the total bill that I included   in is calculated after the form input, I would like the payment procedure by the method that I appointed.
When the bill such as the products that   has non-decision and a request matter is not decided, you have to wait for a payment procedure, and please wait for the communication from us.

●About the   of the product

About the shipment duties, the settlement becomes the   1-2 days later after the confirmation.
Please note that you may not support   of the dispatch.

●About an office stopping product
I perform the   by TSE no SUPER express and, about the product more than 220 cm in length of the product, should be the nearest office stopper from a customer.

●About the delivery of the large product

Product more than 160 cm in total three sides of size of the baggage
(the exterior parts such as each large-scale product = door bumper, a tire wheel, Engine, Transmission correspond)
To the house  -like of this cannot send it. It becomes the nearest office stopper.

※As I can ship it directly when shipping address is a store, an office, in the case of form input, I would like the input of a name, the company name.

When there is not the direct flight of the transportation company, about Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote island area and some areas, it may take broadcast charges.
In that case, I would appreciate your referring for the   beforehand as there may be the difference with the   in written table.

In addition, about the details, please confirm it as you let the product page lower berth list it.

●Payment amount of money
  amount of money +   + consumption tax
※A consumption tax is added to a   amount of money,   separately.
●Payment method
 Credit card payment
 The smart settlement, etc.

●About cancellation, compensation, returned goods
After the  , the order for product, I decline cancellation at the convenience of the customer in principle.
Please consult when unavoidable circumstances are  .

At the time of the arrival of the product, please confirm the cause, the product of the transportation company driver call.
When there is the damage that notation does not have, please contact me promptly.

When there is the malfunction that the initial poor movement and product explanation of the product do not have, please contact me within one week from the arrival of the product.
As for the   product, most become one point of thing of the stock limit. Therefore compensation content should be a refund of the price.
When there is a replacement, I suggest it.
I do it with cover and should be the compensation   outside about the amount of money (outside order installation wages) except the amount of money that our store was expected to pay.

●About an evaluation

Our store is a distributor, and the evaluation that I precede it from our store as it is not in the situation evaluating a customer waits.
Only the person whom our store gave an evaluation to than successful bidder returns an evaluation.
※When an evaluation is not necessary, after the  , please list so it in comment * of notification or the   by an email. An evaluation enters when I do not know it.

Please confirm it with an order column.
※Remote islands may charge broadcast charges separately about some areas.
In addition, I have, therefore, you refer when it becomes an area and the non-indication that are 99,999 yen and am decided after having estimated it.
I would appreciate your refraining from the payment procedures that I lead it.

●Delivery method
As a general rule, it should be the   in our store-designated suppliers.
Total three sides of the product size after the packing about the product within 160cm Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.,
About the products more than 160cm, I send it out in NIPPON EXPRESS arrow service or Seino Transportation.

●On a business day
Holiday Saturday, Sundays and holidays

(I announce it about the long holidays.)

●Other instructions
The   product is doing the online sale with the other system other than store-based sales.
When it is sold at store or, in the case of the sales contract by the other system, cancels auction without a notice.
Please understand it.

The same packing (even if our product is not the product possible) supports flexibly, but the big product of the size may not pack equivalence.

Other questions and the request, please feel free to contact me after notification by an email.


  • Import duties, taxes and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • The picture shown above may differ from the actual product. For the actual specifications, please contact us.
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